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The Couple and Honeymooning Destination

The sandy golden coastlines of Sri Lanka have always been sought after by couples and honeymooners for the romantic atmosphere they have to offer thanks to the gentle breeze from ocean winds, sounds of the waves lapping the sands, sunsets, stars and open skies.

Coupled with this atmosphere, it would be ideal then to escape to an enchanting getaway with space to meander, romantic dining under the stars or indoors, a dip in a pool and cosily luxurious lodgings with complete privacy.

W15 Escapes offers all of this and more, being located on the southern coastline of the island, where the sandy shores and picturesque architecture meet to form a truly romantic environment which feels almost like it was taken from the pages of a fairy-tale.

After a romantic stroll on the beach couples can take a dip in the pool or lounge in the garden under the stars on sensual outdoor furnishings or under the protection of the roof while gazing out in comfort.

Then the star-struck lovers could move on to engage in an intimate dining experience and retire to the rooms where a night of adventure awaits.

Truly enjoy an exotic adventure or honeymoon which you can cherish in your memories for years to come at W15 Escapes Ahangama.