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Beach Weddings Sri Lanka

The Island of Sri Lanka, known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean owing to its strategic trade route location in ancient times, island encompassing sandy shores, year round sunny weather and its variegated picturesque locations,

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The Couple and Honeymooning Destination

The sandy golden coastlines of Sri Lanka have always been sought after by couples and honeymooners for the romantic atmosphere they have to offer thanks to the gentle breeze from ocean winds, sounds of the waves lapping the sands, sunsets, stars and open skies.

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The Southern Coast of Sri Lanka

The Serendipitous Island of Sri Lanka is sunny all year round and encompassed by sandy shores making it a haven for travellers looking for exotic getaways and surf opportunities. Sri Lanka has two monsoon seasons – The south-western monsoon from May to October and the north-eastern monsoon from October to February.

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SUP Yoga Sri Lanka and the W15 Ahangama SUP Yoga Retreat

It is quite likely that you have come across the term Yoga which has been steadily gaining popularity in the west riding atop the ‘new age’ wave and you may know that it has something to do with mind-body meditation but you may be wondering what SUP Yoga means.

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Galle Fort

As with most forts in Sri Lanka which were occupied by the three colonial forces; the Portuguese, Dutch and English respectively, the Galle Fort is attributed to the Dutch and called the Dutch Fort in Galle.

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Hiyare Reservoir Rainforest and Biodiversity Research Centre

The Hiyare Reservoir Rainforest and Biodiversity Research Centreis shrouded in secrecy and is not known by many despite being just 16 kilometres from the town of Galle. The reservoirof 55 acres was built in 1911 to provide irrigation and water to Galleusing only gradients and gravity to move the water from the source to the site.

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