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The Southern Coast of Sri Lanka

The Serendipitous Island of Sri Lanka is sunny all year round and encompassed by sandy shores making it a haven for travellers looking for exotic getaways and surf opportunities. Sri Lanka has two monsoon seasons – The south-western monsoon from May to October and the north-eastern monsoon from October to February. Therefore the best time to travel to the southern coast is between the months of November to April. The southern coastal belt is littered throughout its length with famous beach locations and many activities which can be engaged in. Famous Locations along the southwestern and southern belt: Bentotoa, Hikkaduwa, Galle, Weligama, Mirissa, Tangalle and Yala. We will in brief look at the activities available below.

Turtle Hatcheries:

As mentioned before Sri Lanka is surrounded by sandy beaches which makes it an ideal breeding ground for Sea Turtles who nest on sandy shores. Turtle species which frequently nest in Sri Lanka are the Leatherback turtle, Green Sea Turtle, Loggerhead turtle, Hawksbill turtle and Olive Ridley Turtle. Most of these species are on the endangered list and turtle hatcheries play a large part in conservation and anti-poaching efforts and are funded mainly by income from visitors and tourists. Hatcheries are quite easy to find from sigh boards along the road or from a quick online search for hatcheries nearby. For the wildlife enthusiast and curious traveller it is well worth visiting one of these hatcheries and gaining insight into the lives of these enigmatic marine reptiles.

Yala National Park

Yala is the most famous of Sri Lanka’s 22 national parks and covers a vast area of land. Where spotting wildlife including the secretive leopards is concerned Yala is in the forefront. It has thriving populations of Leopards, sloth bears and elephants along with wild boar, water buffalo and myriad bird species.


Galle is a town where one can go to if they want to get a taste of life from colonial times. It has well preserved architecture from Portuguese, Dutch and English Colonial Eras and the Dutch fort in Galle is one of the best preserved forts in the country. Another attraction is the Dutch Reformed Church which was constructed in 1752 and is believed to the oldest protestant church building in the country.

Diving and Snorkelling

Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna are the prime diving and snorkelling locations with great coral reefs and ideal diving spots with plenty of diving and snorkelling schools along the beach where equipment and experienced instructors and guides can be hired. However it is not restricted to these locations and can be found in other locations such as Galle and Weligama.


Sri Lanka is a great destination for surfers as it offers beach breaks and reef breaks and surf suitable for all experience levels within a relatively small vicinity. Weligama and the nearby island has a beach break which is one of the best for beginners as it is a consistent long wave while Midigama and Mirissa have more advanced waves and beach breaks. Enterprising surf schools are aplenty and equipment can be rented at reasonably low costs which is ideal for travellers as they don’t have worry about bringing their own equipment.

Beach Weddings and Honeymoon resorts

Sri Lanka has some of the most romantic beaches and the myriad beach hotels and resorts are well equipped and seasoned to handle exotic weddings and the demands of their clients. It is also ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway with all the amenities and comforts at hand.