Gem and Jewelry Sri Lanka Ahangama Galle Weligama

Gem & Jewelry Factory

The gems of Sri Lanka have been famous throughout history. The island is home to nearly 75 varieties of coloured and colourless gemstones. Witness the masters of their craft at work.

Gem & Jewelry Factory

A Collision Of History And Beauty

Gems and Sri Lanka have shared a long history, that has at times brought the tiny island to the forefront of global trade. The best gems to buy in Sri Lanka are sapphires and rubies. You can also find exquisite cat's eyes, spinels, aquamarines, blue topaz, garnets, tourmalines, amethysts, zircons, moonstones and alexandrites.

Historical Journey

The history of Sri Lanka's gem industry is both steeped in history and globally renowned. The island was called Ratna-Dweepa, which translates to "Gem Island. According to Marco Polo, the island is home to some of the world's finest sapphires, topazes, amethysts, and other stones. Beryl and sapphire were the 2 mainstays of Sri Lanka's gem industry, according to the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy.

Historical Journey

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Enjoy Ahangama's natural beauty while being fascinated by this wonderful glimpse of coastal life,  surrounded by the warmth of the Indian Ocean. There are several thrilling encounters in store for you.

Galle Fort Sri Lanka

The Galle Fort

Immerse yourself in a realm of beauty and history. An iconic structure that holds immense importance throughout the past, The Galle Fort is a must-see sight for anyone visiting the island.

Weligama Surf Camp Point Ahangama Mirissa Galle


Weligama, which only 20 minutes away from Ahangama is celebrated for the fantastic surf the waves have to offer. Whether it's your first time or you're looking to test your skills as a veteran, the southern coast has the perfect waves for you.

Stilt Fisherman with W15

Stilt Fisherman

The stilt fishermen are a popular sight in Ahangama, as they sit silently and unmoving on their poles, high above the sea surface, for hours, waiting to catch the small fish that swarm in the shallow offshore waters.

Whale and Dolphin Watching Sri Lanka Mirissa Weligama Galle

Whale And Dolphin Watching

Experience one of the most exciting excursions you can do on the island. Come observe the playful dolphins or the gigantic whales that call the ocean home.

Cinnamon Islands Sri Lanka Ahangama Galle Koggala Mirissa

Cinnamon Islands

Cinnamon Island is in the southern province of Sri Lanka, where you can learn about cinnamon harvesting and production. An educationally fun excursion for all ages.

Rubber Plantation Ahangama Weligama Sri Lanka

Rubber Factory

Learn the processes of production of a resource whose importance knows no bounds. Rubber manufacturing began in Sri Lanka in 1876, when 1,919 rubber plants were planted at the Henarathgoda Botanical Gardens in Gampaha

Snake Farm Sri Lanka Ahangama Weligama

Snake Farm

Be enthralled by the fascinating snake species and learn about habitation and the importance of protecting these animals. An up-close and personal experience with some of the most beautiful creatures that call the island home.

Sea Turtles Hatchery Hatchlings in Sri Lanka Ahangama Galle Habaraduwa Weligama

Turtle Hatchery

Observe the endangered sea turtles whose curious demeanour will leave you fascinated beyond belief.The most visited sea turtle hatchery in Sri Lanka is located near the beautiful golden sand beach in Habaraduwa, a short trip from Ahangama.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables at Ahangama Weligama Sri Lanka

Organic Fruit Farm

Come explore the colourfully vibrant organic fruit farm. Learn about the process of making the most pristine produce and the taste the best, nature has to offer.

Handunugoda Tea Factory Sri Lanka Koggala Ahangama White Tea

Handungoda Tea Estate

This exquisite tea plantation in the hills above Koggala offers (free) highly informative tours of the estate. Handunugoda produces the famous 'Virgin White Tea' which has attracted attention from tea enthusiasts worldwide

Coconut Plantation Sri Lanka Ahangama Weligama

Coconut Factory

Be amazed at how valuable a coconut tree is, from acting as a staple in Sri Lankan cuisine to the variety of products created using this plant. Learn the intricacies of a classic craft and an industry that has survived the test of time.


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